Solvitur Ambulando means “Solve It By Walking”

Walk to solve, uplift, explore, revel, beautify, ponder and feel

From a young age, walking has felt like a different kind of activity than anything else. 

I walk in nature. I walk on the beach, up hills and down valleys. I walk in downtown Louisville. I walk in other cities. I walk in my neighborhood. I walk at my kids’ school. I’ve walked my whole life. 

Walking is the way I tackle problems in life, be they emotional, professional, spiritual, or physical. Walking played a vital role in my recovery from two open heart surgeries at the ages of 10 and 39. And it all connects to a larger spiritual journey of seeking higher things. 

I love walking by myself. I also love walking with others – my wife, my kids, my dogs, friends, and even strangers. I’d welcome the chance to take a walk with you. If you might like to take a walk with me, you can learn more here.

On this website, I write about walking (30 Walks in Nature and A Notebook on Walking) and about other topics (like living with a congenital heart defect and lessons from forgotten leaders). I also interview some amazing people. If that appeals to you, I invite you to subscribe and join me on a beautiful walk.

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Solvitur Ambulando. Eloquentiam Libertati Devinctam. Praestantia Cum Humanitate. Vivere Militare Est. De Opresso Liber. Aurem Cordis.