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Dad. Dad! DAD!

Your ultimate 2023 Father’s Day gift guide!

. Flourishing

With Yourself, By Yourself and For Yourself

Part 2

. Fiction

Remy and Petra Love Rainbows

A new adventure for the brown unicorn and her blond-haired friend

. Flourishing

Day 27

On the way to (at least) 100 days alcohol-free

. Idylls and Rambles

You Say It's My Birthday!

I'm gonna have a good time

. Silver Medalists

Be Yourself. Be Patient. Be Clear.

Biographer Steven Rabalais reflects on the wisdom of General Fox Conner

. Flourishing


New ways of trusting myself

. Idylls and Rambles

Thankful for Those Who Run Towards Danger

Another walk in downtown Louisville

. Idylls and Rambles

Can a City Thrive Without a Heart?

A personal story about downtown Louisville

. Books, Books, Books

Exploring Books While Traveling

When in Greece, should we read the Greeks? Or the British?

. Heart

In the Moment

Two quickies for the week

. Books, Books, Books

Early Days of Reading The Bhagavad Gita and the Bible

A week of writing about the experience so far.