. Silver Medalists

Joy in Preparing for Opportunities That May Never Come

L. Vago of Big Quit Energy interviews me about "Silver Medalists"

. Flourishing

Sometimes, Give Up the Ship

Break the chain

. Books, Books, Books

Buying No New Books in 2023

You already know where this is headed

. Interviews

As Someone With a Disability in America, I Don’t Feel Seen As a Person

A beautiful conversation with brand strategist and advocate for the disabled, Geoff Cook

. Heart

An Unmistakably Mistaken Case of Identity

A Covid moment with my daughter

. Books, Books, Books

Choosing the Next Book to Read

Ignore the “shoulds”

. Idylls and Rambles

You Are Awesome!

Remind yourself occasionally

. Flourishing

Day 111

My continuing no-alcohol journey

. Walking

Walks in Nature

30 Tramps, Saunters, Hikes, Strolls, Jaunts and Rambles

. Walking

Notebook on Walking

In homage to Bruce Chatwin

. Flourishing


Deleting my Facebook account

. Silver Medalists

Silver Medalist: June Carter Cash

Part 1: The Early Years