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Still Haven't Gotten to Zero

. 2 min read . Written by Russell Smith
Still Haven't Gotten to Zero

Now I have urgency

In December, I examined some of the reasons I haven't eliminated the bad stuff from my diet: candy, fast food, and alcohol. And I sought to improve.

Alas, I didn’t. Two weeks ago, a blood test revealed I am “pre-diabetic.” It’s close. I sit barely above the normal threshold. But above it I am.

For a patient with a congenital heart defect, becoming a diabetic would be a disaster. I already have serious health issues to monitor and manage. Diabetes would not simply add an issue; the interplay of it and my pre-existing issues could easily spiral out of control.

In 2022, I have increased my intake of fast food, soda and sweets. (Although I have reduced my drinking.) I can point to several excuses:

– stress

– poor planning

– availability of bad stuff at home

– a permissive, “it’s only once” attitude

– a genuine boost of happy nostalgia when I drink a Cheerwine soda

You’ll also note – a lack of knowledge isn’t driving my failure. I know perfectly well what to do. My current and previous strength trainers have emphasized proper eating to me. So has my yoga instructor. In addition to receiving counsel from my doctors, I’ve read Michael Greger, Phil Maffetone, Sam Houghton, (cough) Tom Brady, and many others. I’ve listened to the Farnam Street podcasts with Gary Taubes, Allen Campbell and others.

I simply have not set up my holistic environment in a way conducive to making good decisions in my eating. And thus I have made unwise choices in my daily moments of decision-making.

Perhaps I needed this kick in the pants. It would have been better if my knowledge has spurred better decision-making. It didn’t. Perhaps urgency will.

In two weeks, I see my cardiologist. He’ll order blood work. That may not be enough time to show a difference in the lab results. But those are 14 days I can make good decisions though. Every moment. Every decision.

I’ll report back.


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