A Champion Named Braveheart

. 1 min read . Written by Russell Smith
A Champion Named Braveheart

If you train here, you are not normal

We go through life with expectations of the possible and the impossible. Death and taxes and those sorts of things. Certainties. Things we know will happen to us, and things we know will not.

Never for one moment did I ever expect to have a feature written about me for a strength training magazine. But here we are.

My strength trainer from when I lived in Washington, DC, “Maximum Bob” Whelan wrote a very  generous piece about my working with him. It was published in the latest issue of Hardgainer 2.0, an incredible resource for strength training advice and inspiration. Stuart McRobert, the publisher, has kindly allowed me to republish the article here.

Learn more about Bob and his fantastic approach to building strength and muscle the old-fashioned way (“We Earn It!”) at his website, WebStrengthCoach.com. Thank you, Max Bob!