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You Say It's My Birthday!

. 2 min read . Written by Russell Smith
You Say It's My Birthday!

I'm gonna have a good time!

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Birthdays. Some people love them. Some people hate them.

I love my birthday!

I wallow in it. I revel in it. I love the birthday attention which showers down upon me. Bring it! BRING IT!

As someone who tends to way overthink, you know, everything…I don’t really overanalyze my birthday. I simply enjoy it. I try to do activities I love on my birthday, and surround myself with family.

I will read today. I will talk with family and friends. I will go for a long walk or ruck. I will enjoy a delicious dinner and a show at Fuji, the closest hibachi restaurant we have to Benihana in Louisville, since the Benihana here shut down.

My birthday has come today. I turn 48 years old. I’m so happy! I love my birthday! Bring on the hibachi dinner! The cake! The funny cards my brother and I still get each other, even in our 40s! Maybe a few presents! The hugs from my kids! Facebook and LinkedIn and text messages! The birthday calls! My mother-in-law singing “Happy Birthday” to me!  

I feel overwhelming gratitude for it all.

I’ve received so many beautiful responses to my survey on Prayer, Meditation, and Spiritual Practices. If you have had a chance to respond, I would truly welcome your insights on your own practice.

Respondents have shared so kindly and openly about their practice, its evolution and its meaning in their lives. I feel so much gratitude for their openness and thoughtfulness.

Again, you can find the survey here.

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