Remy and Petra Love Rainbows

. 3 min read . Written by Russell Smith
Remy and Petra Love Rainbows

A new adventure for the brown unicorn and her blond-haired friend

One night, my younger daughter Cordelia (“yeah, from Shakespeare”) came into the kitchen.

Cordelia's letter to her penpal last summer.
“Dad, here’s a piece of paper. Write me a story.”
“Um, Cordelia, you may notice the knife in my hand and the food on the counter. I am making dinner.”
“I want it to be a short story. Only on one side of this piece of paper. Plleeeeeease!?”
“Oh, okay, fine.”

So I interrupted cooking dinner and I wrote a story in Crayon on one side of a sheet of paper. That story, and the longer version I published, tells of the first meeting of a brown unicorn named Remy and her soon-to-be-friend, Petra.

Today we continue the story of their friendship. I hand wrote this story in a pocket notebook, added a few simple sketches, and gave it to Cordelia for Valentine’s Day 2022. Enjoy, friend.

Remy and Petra had left school and met up at their favorite spot – the beach! They walked beside the ocean, enjoying the blue shining water and warm sun. They felt so excited because it was Valentine’s Day!

“I gave my friends Valentine’s Day cards with a rainbow on them,” said Remy, the brown unicorn.

“That’s so funny, Remy,” said Petra, the little girl with blond hair and blue eyes, “my Valentine’s cards also had rainbows on them!”

“I’m so lucky to have a friend who loves rainbows as much as I do,” replied Remy.

They kept walking down the beach. It seemed like the perfect day. They tried to meet for a walk after school every day; their time together always felt special.

Remy and Petra enjoyed their conversation so much that they hadn’t noticed the wind picked up and clouds started to appear. The sky grew dark. And then suddenly, it began to rain.

“Oh no,” said Petra, “Let’s find cover.”

“Good idea,” said Remy, and then added, “See that shack up ahead? Let’s go there.”

They ran to the shack, but by the time they got there, the rain had soaked them. The shack did not keep the wind off them so they both became chilled. It rained and rained. Petra and Remy had enjoyed talking so much, but now they couldn’t hear each other. They began to feel sad about this turn of events – and on Valentine’s Day, no less!

Finally, the wind slowed, and the rain slackened. Clouds still hung heavy in the sky. Remy and Petra were soaked already, so they figured the remaining rain wouldn’t make them any wetter.

“Oh well, so much for our super Valentine's Day. Hop on board, Petra,” Remy urged, “I’ll fly us home.”

“That sounds great, thanks Remy,” Petra replied.

Off they flew, still cold and wet and feeling down. They had almost arrived at Petra’s home when Remy’s head bolted up. Petra noticed the change and stared forward.

“Wow, Petra, do you see that?” Remy almost shouted.

“I sure do! Oh my, it’s so beautiful!” said Petra.

“I can’t believe it! I’ve never seen a rainbow so huge and so bright! And look at the pink sky now! What a magical view!”

They couldn’t take their eyes off the wondrous sight. They stared, not talking at all, simply enjoying the moment. They didn’t have to say it, but they both felt it – their friendship and the rainbow made THIS the best Valentine’s Day ever!

Story and handwritten images by Russell Smith. AI image created by Midjourney.