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New to Solvitur Ambulando?

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New to Solvitur Ambulando?

Here’s the best of what you missed

Solvitur Ambulando – “when in doubt, walk.” This admonition has served me well in life as I have faced work and life challenges, and also physical tests. I hope this newsletter, Solvitur Ambulando, will help you ask better questions about your life and your world, and offer helpful ways in which you might pursue answers – or simply comfort.

Over the past few weeks, dozens of readers have subscribed to Solvitur Ambulando, for which I feel immense gratitude. I know when you read these missives, you trade in some of your precious life force to do so – and you will never reclaim that life force. I do my darndest to ensure these essays more than reward you for your energy and time.

Below, you will find a short introductory guide to Solvitur Ambulando.

The Four Best Essays

Catch up on the best essays published….so far. What makes for “the best”? A non-scientific fusing of quantitative stats and qualitative reader critique. You can also access the full archive here.

Five Expectations My Parents Had of Me as a Kid With a Congenital Heart Defect

Growing up with a congenital heart defect, my parents still had high expectations for me. They expected me to live an active life, have friends, and excel. As I ponder my upbringing, five of their expectations of me stand out as fundamental to my mindset and approach to life.

Make a Call

One time, a friend called me out of the blue. It was 7:00 am his time –  an odd time of day for him to call, so I answered.

Buying No New Books in 2022

How It Started: At the end of 2021, I had a thought.  Rather than buying new books in 2022, I would use my library as my own Amazon. Whenever I wanted to buy or read a new book, I would find an unread treasure imploring my attention on my own shelves. And if I came across a book I wanted to purchase, I would add it to my Wish List and consider buying it in 2023. How Did It Work Out?…

A Unified Life

The questions pile up, like a cairn in the wilderness of our lives:

  • What does unity mean in my life?
  • Where can I unify more of my life?
  • In what parts of my life do I live in accord with my truths?
  • More uncomfortably, in what parts of my life do I not live in accord with my truths?

A Beautiful Walk With Friends

Walking alone has its place in a well-ordered life; so do frequent walks with loved ones and friends. Thank you for joining me on this walk through life. If you ever have questions or comments, you can reach me at srsmith3@gmail.com. Friends of this newsletter – again, I thank you!


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