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I Lost My Zip

. 1 min read . Written by Russell Smith
I Lost My Zip

But I don't miss it

Two months ago, I lost my Fitbit Zip. I’d used a Zip since 2014, before my second open heart surgery. I tried to buy a new Zip, but Fitbit discontinued production and the remnant units cost about $200.

No, thank you.

I used this loss as a moment to experiment. Would I miss counting my steps? Would I miss the competition of the Workweek Hustle? Would my physical activity decline?

So far, all the answers have been: No.

I still wear my Garmin watch when rucking. I am not dead-set against technology or health data tracking. I still enjoy posting and following my friends’s athletic feats on Strava.

Letting go of the gamification of everyday activity has ushered in a welcome season of peace. One less reason to check my phone a few times per day.

Maybe the moment of peace simply came from changing up a routine after 8+ years. Maybe I was simply ready for a change. Maybe the Fitbit caused me a low-level but constant pang of anxiety that its exit has ameliorated.

In concert with the Fitbit disappearance, I have lessened my own daily tracking. I now track six daily activities – down 40% from my high.

Whatever the cause, I’ve enjoyed the effects of my newly Zipless existence.  Onward to month three without the Fitbit. And onward to a bit less tracking – and more simply doing.


Images created by Olivia Lund.