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You Are Awesome!

. 1 min read . Written by Russell Smith
You Are Awesome!

Remind yourself occasionally

A few months ago, I shared a suggestion to create a “Smile Photos” folder on your computer desktop and to fill it with photos and videos that, well, make you smile. After all, the world beats us down. We get laid off. We lose a client. The great deal doesn’t come through. We don’t get offered the job we desperately wanted. Life happens contrary to our well-planned plans, our efforts and our earnest intentions. We feel low. I urged: “Don’t let the seriousness of the world crush you.”

Here’s another tool I use to rebound from these moments. I have created a document memorializing every bit of positive feedback you receive. Read, review and wallow in that feedback regularly. it can be useful and uplifting to look back at our triumphs, our grand successes – the times we soared.

For example, I maintain a Google Document titled, “Feedback on Solvitur Ambulando.” In it, I record every single shred of positivity readers have shared with me over the past two years – comments on posts, private texts and emails, LinkedIn messages – everything.

Every few weeks, I review that document. If a bunch of readers unsubscribe or I receive some tough feedback, I will pull out the document then too. Whatever the moment, it reminds me that a human being found my writing worthy of their time and of use to them personally.

That’s an exquisite feeling.

Try creating your own document capturing your amazing moments as perceived, experienced and felt by others. Update it continually – with every compliment or kudos or attaboy or heartfelt reflection on your imprint on another human.

You deserve to recall yourself in these good and luminous lights.

Continuing my "Walks in Nature" series, I took two walks this week. But, I haven't completed my reflections on them yet. Next week, dear reader, next week....

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