With Yourself, By Yourself and For Yourself

. 1 min read . Written by Russell Smith
With Yourself, By Yourself and For Yourself

Part 2

Patrick McGinnis interviewed me on his hit podcast, FOMO Sapiens. We discussed how to make every day count, and how to live and thrive with a chronic medical condition.

It was a joy to join him! Thanks for having me, Patrick!

Do you write? Do you consider yourself a writer? Do you want to hone your writing skill and improve your storytelling craft?

If so, check out Foster Season 3: The Artisan’s Way. This five-week journey begins on May 30th.

Season 2 was unforgettable. Undoubtedly Season 3 will change your writing – and maybe your life too.

When you apply, tell them you heard about it from me.

One week last year, I invited readers to take a pause in their busy schedules. To simply be with themselves, by themselves and for themselves. To create space for the magic inside themselves to come to the fore.

That practice has served me well throughout life.

This week, as we in the United States head toward Memorial Day – a holiday especially positioned to prompt reflection and introspection –  I renew that invitation. Take a few minutes to simply be with yourself, by yourself and for yourself.

Let the magic emerge.

Image by Midjourney.