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Walks in Nature

30 Tramps, Saunters, Hikes, Strolls, Jaunts and Rambles

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Notebook on Walking

In homage to Bruce Chatwin

. Flourishing


Deleting my Facebook account

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A Thin Border of Bubbles

At the beach with my daughter

. Idylls and Rambles

Thankful for Those Who Run Towards Danger

Another walk in downtown Louisville

. Idylls and Rambles

Can a City Thrive Without a Heart?

A personal story about downtown Louisville

. Books, Books, Books

A Beautiful Walk Today, and Every Day

Three books about walking to delight and challenge us

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New to Solvitur Ambulando?

Here’s the best of what you missed

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I Lost My Zip

But I don't miss it

. Idylls and Rambles

"A City is a Universe"

On the Completeness of Incomplete Places

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Solve It By Walking

So, What Is "It"?

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Do Ranch Homes Cause Health Problems?

More Pondering Than Proof