. Interviews

As Someone With a Disability in America, I Don’t Feel Seen As a Person

A beautiful conversation with brand strategist and advocate for the disabled, Geoff Cook

. Heart

An Unmistakably Mistaken Case of Identity

A Covid moment with my daughter

. Flourishing

Day 111

My continuing no-alcohol journey

. Flourishing

Day 27

On the way to (at least) 100 days alcohol-free

. Flourishing


New ways of trusting myself

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In the Moment

Two quickies for the week

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The Body Issue

On coming to love my not normal body

. Interviews

I Just Want to Be the Best Version of Myself

An interview with marketing maven and advocate for the disabled Geoff Cook

. Heart

Actually….They Do Know

Oh, the best-laid plans of we silly mortals

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Writing with the Ears of the Heart

Aurem Cordis

. Heart

Too Painful to Listen

Sometimes there's a part of me Has to turn from here and go

. Walking

I Lost My Zip

But I don't miss it