. Flourishing

Sometimes, Give Up the Ship

Break the chain

. Idylls and Rambles

You Are Awesome!

Remind yourself occasionally

. Flourishing

Day 111

My continuing no-alcohol journey

. Flourishing


Deleting my Facebook account

. Flourishing

Go Ahead, Make a Call

A reminder of the human joy waiting

. Flourishing

With Yourself, By Yourself and For Yourself

Part 2

. Flourishing

Day 27

On the way to (at least) 100 days alcohol-free

. Flourishing


New ways of trusting myself

. Heart

In the Moment

Two quickies for the week

. Flourishing

We Do Not Exist to Maximize Productivity

My surprising reaction to Tim Ferriss’s interview with James Clear

. Flourishing

Reader Survey: Your Prayer Practice

Exploring how we pray in the modern age

. Heart

The Body Issue

On coming to love my not normal body