Shall We Go For a Walk...

. 3 min read . Written by Russell Smith
Shall We Go For a Walk...

...and reach for the infinite?

Many situations and ideas in life come into better focus when we walk and think (not necessarily alone), or walk and converse (not necessarily with others). Would you join me for a walk?

“Solvitur Ambulando” means “solve it through walking.” Through this newsletter, we’ll examine philosophy, books, ideas, place and life. Here, we will walk, meander, tramp and occasionally ruck. As Stephen Graham writes in The Gentle Art of Tramping,

“The richest people in life are the good listeners. If, however, you also must talk, must reveal your life, your heart, your prejudices and passions, it will often happen that you will express yourself to yourself, as much as to your friend. Self-confession is growth of the mind, an enrichment of the consciousness. In talk which seems idle enough you may be reaching out toward the infinite.”

Let’s take a walk, and reach out toward the infinite. Thank you for your kind company.

Sincerely, Russell Smith

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We Shall Not Cease from Exploration

Your Walking Companion

I'm Russell Smith. I'm a writer and coach supremely interested in questions surrounding how we flourish in the hectic, crazy, frenzied modern world. How do we best be?

In these essays, I explore that question.

I don't have all the answers. Maybe I don't have decent answers. I suspect some answers involve: asking better questions about ourselves and our world; slowing down; thinking more; feeling more; and enjoying a beautiful walk every day.

I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm married, and have two daughters and two Havanese puppies. When I'm not writing or walking or coaching my daughter's archery team, I enjoy fly fishing, rucking, yoga, drinking fancy-man tea, smoking meats on the Big Green Egg, tennis, and teppanyaki restaurants. Yeah, teppanyaki – most people give it up after age, oh, 17. Not this guy – it's kind of an addiction.