. Gift Guides

O Christmas Teas O Christmas Teas

The review of Christmas teas you didn’t know you needed

. Gift Guides

I'd Like To Get Something For You, Clark ... Something Really Nice

Your ultimate holiday gift guide 2023

. Flourishing

4 Infrequently Asked Questions in Becoming a Good Father and a Good Son

My Speech at the Father-Son Weekend at St. Paul's School for Boys

. Walking

The Sacred Practice of Walking

Walking and writing to ponder my Frequently Unanswered Questions

. Walking Journal

Reflections on 30 Walks in Nature

On the joy of limitation

. Walking Journal

Walks in Nature

30 Tramps, Saunters, Hikes, Strolls, Jaunts and Rambles

. Heart

Year 10 Begins

All-in for my December 11th stress test

. Walking Journal

Walk 30 – Twisted Nature Bonsai Open House

I am a grasshopper, a novice, a beginner

. Walking Journal

Walk 29 – Holy Hills Hermitage

The day was enough. I was enough

. Walking Journal

Walk 28 – A Spiritual Companionship Walk

Creating the space for stillness to reflect on sojourns in life

. Silver Medalists

Joy in Preparing for Opportunities That May Never Come

L. Vago of Big Quit Energy interviews me about "Silver Medalists"

. Walking Journal

Walk 27 – Memorial Park

I welcome more trees, more nature, more encounters with the World Tree in my journey of life